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three nations brewing was founded on a respect for traditional german, belgian, and english brewing styles melded with the spirit of american innovation and ingenuity.

Since the late 90’s, 3 Nations Brewery has been a work in progress. Way before craft beer was cool, we’ve been perfecting our craft and creating a style of brewing that’s all our own. Our process starts with the established brewing methods of Germany, England and Belgium.

Arguably these three countries have laid the foundation for the profession that is craft brewing. Each beer’s spice-to-hops ratio is meant to give a more seasoned aroma and dynamic taste. There’s a method to the madness. It’s European tradition, mixed with American innovation.

One must respect the enduring traditions for brewing a great beer, before the rules can be successfully broken.

Our brewing process is a fresh take on old world style. We start with the basics: hops, malt, water and yeast. Aroma is the first feature to note with our brews. We tend to use spices in the final minutes of our process. This late addition allows the hops and spices to better fuse together to create a bold aroma that shocks the senses before that first swig. The lineup of spices includes grapefruit peel, orange peel, lemon peel, and coriander among others. Timing is everything. We allow our beers to age in the tank long enough for the yeast to reabsorb harsh flavors and aromas. Patience is a recipe for success. We get the product in your hands with the highest possible quality.

We respect traditional brewing styles, and strive to shake things up by adding our own character and zeal. Our job is to brew great beer, and we take pride in that responsibility. With each batch, emphasis is placed on brewing beers with aromas that challenge the senses and compliment a unique taste that is anything but ordinary. No pallet wreckers, here. These are session beers we hope you enjoy again and again.




Gavin’s journey from connoisseur to brew master is a story of unavoidable fate. He knew he was destined to brew beer from a young (legal) age, but initially took a more traditional education path. Then, in the middle of earning his business degree, he opted to take a slight detour and expand his brewing knowledge by attending an acclaimed brewing school instead. There he learned from both American and German trained brew masters. Upon graduation and after several years as an understudy at various breweries across the state of Texas, up in Chicago, and across the way to Germany, opportunity finally knocked in his hometown of Dallas and 3 Nations Brewery filled its first keg in 2015.

Great beer isn’t stumbled upon. It’s the result of passion and hard work. Gavin’s plan from the beginning has been to brew his beer - his way. Through years of fine-tuning, he found his style. A unique blend of tradition and originality with a nod to the great brew masters of the past. Each batch features a hint of American innovation. 3NB is built on tradition, but aims to challenge the status quo, inviting beer lovers to fill their glass with something uncommon, and join the Nation.

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