Joe Skilz

Humble beginnings

Artist Joe “Skilz” is a resident muralist in the Dallas area with over 20 years of experience. His mediums consist of spray paint and acrylic paint with variations in style such as graffiti and contemporary designs. His is able to mold his visions into colorful, imaginative artwork customized for the client. Mentored and influenced heavily by his peers, his inspiration often stems from past experiences and encourages others who view his art to think outside the box. You can see his murals scattered throughout Dallas, focusing in areas such as Deep Ellum, Arlington, and other various DFW Cities. And now in stores through his partnership with 3 Nations Brewing.

How the Partnership Began:

Our team sat in a conference room during the Coronavirus shutdown and decided we needed to spend our time wisely.  The burning question was, “how do we take advantage of this downtime to get better as a brewery?”.  There were many ideas and suggestions thrown out that day, but one thing we did was develop a plan to be better when we came out of the pandemic than when we went into it. So, what direction should we move?

Nothing really stood out to us.  We floundered for a month or so with different ideas and suggestions.  One Sunday afternoon, I decided to look at muralists, local artists in the state, that used colorful and fun art on the walls of buildings.  I wondered if that energy could be re-created in some way on a craft beer can. 
Joe was based in DFW although he did work across the state and even into Oklahoma.  He used bright colors and unique designs.  We met with him and his girlfriend, Gina, to discuss the project further.  Gina and Joe are a team and work on projects together.  Joe and Gina agreed to help us accomplish something unique – art on cans.  Our artist would have a new kind of CANvas.

Several breweries have talented artists or graphic artists that design their cans, but I don’t know anyone that gave their artist full control over the can design as we did.  Every character that you see on a 3 Nations Brewing can is a Joe Skilz original.  Other than backgrounds on cans or choosing a can font we had nothing to do with any of the original characters.

We now have a partnership with Joe and Gina. Joe Skilz’ original artwork will be promoted at our brewery.  We look forward to some new can designs with our seasonal beers and other unique projects.  I believe that Joe Skilz talent will be recognized across the region.  Besides great designs, Joe’s can designs give us the continuity for which we searched.  You can pick up any can and recognize it as a 3 Nations-Joe Skilz original.

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