Beer to go

curbside beer to go

By clicking the link “Curbside Beer-To-Go,” you can find an updated list of available beers at the brewery. The easiest way to purchase Beer-To-Go is by placing your order online through this link that takes you to After you place your order online, come visit us at 1033 E. Vandergriff Dr. in Carrollton within 48 hours and pull up to the curb by the main entrance of the brewery. We will greet you there and load your order directly into your car. You may also make your purchase curbside at our Beer-To-Go shed at the Vandergriff entrance. We sell cans, growlers, and even will refill your growlers.

Beer-To-Go can be purchased online and at the brewery up to 288 oz. per person, per day. Package options come in 4 packs, 6 packs and growler fills! Beer-To-Go orders may not be consumed on 3 Nations premises.




Canned Beers


When ordering beer online in growlers the cost of the growler is included in the purchase price of the variously priced beers. (32oz growlers are $6 and 64oz growlers are $10) Refills can only be purchase curbside or in the taproom. If bringing a growler for refill please make sure it is clean and follow the growler care procedures below.

Growler Care

Growler beer is best consumed the day of your purchase or within a couple days. However, the beer should be good for a week to 10 days of purchase and within 24-36 hours of opening. Once the beer is finished immediately rinse well with hot water. Allow the vessel to completely air dry inside. Turning it upside down a couple times during drying to make sure there is no water in it. Once dry replace the cap and bring it back for a refill when you’re ready.

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