Meet the Dallas Artists Who Create Local Craft Beer Can Designs

What do a mural artist, a graphic artist specializing in user experience and a brewery co-owner have in common? The simple answer is that they’re designing art for the beer can labels of Dallas-made beers. 

On a deeper level, they’re merging two things we already love—art and beer. And although Joe Skilz, Cristi Brinkman and Molly Reynolds approach their art differently, they’re all raising the profile of the Dallas craft beer industry with their work.

You’ve undoubtedly seen a Joe Skilz mural in Deep Ellum, so you might do a double-take when you see his art in a grocery store beer aisle. That all came about when 3 Nations Brewing decided to take a new approach to their beer can design.

The brewery reached out to local mural artists, looking for a way to bring something exciting and recognizable to the design, and ended up selecting the artist best known as “Skilz” for the project.

All of the brewery’s core beers now feature a character created by Skilz on the can. Each one is unique and was designed based on the artist’s impressions of the beer when he drank it. While each design is distinct, when combined with a limited color palette and a distinctive, playful font on the can, the recognizable art helps solidify the brand consistency 3 Nations was looking for.

Skilz and his girlfriend, Gina, also known as “Pkin,” share their art on social media and you can see more of their work at Art Loot 52.

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